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歷史 History

林村 (Lam Tsuen),全稱林村鄉,位於香港新界大埔區的一個地方。該處北面為大刀屻、西南為大帽山,中間被通往錦田與元朗的林錦公路貫穿。該處亦為林村郊野公園的所在地,並有林村河流經。



The full name of Lam Tsuen, Lam Tsuen Valley area is a place in Tai Po, New Territories, Hong Kong. Where the south of “Tai To Yan”, northeast of “Tai Mo Shan”, Lam Kam Road runs through the middle to Kam Tin and Yuan Long; and also the location of Lam Tsuen Country Park, and flows through by Lam Tsuen River.

There are 26 villages settle around Lam Tsuen Valley since the Southern Song Dynasty in year of 1287. Although the name of valley called “Lam Tsuen”, the villagers are not all with same surname “Lam”. “Chung” is the most people’s surname, and “Chung Uk Tsuen” was the oldest village among the others, was established about 700+ years ago. There are also other villages with surname “Chung”, like New “Sun”, Ping Long, Tai Om Shan and Chai Kek. Other major surnames include “Cheung”, “Wong” and “Chan” etc.

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